Winfield Cavaliers Football and Cheer- Celebrating 30 Years

Confidence. Self Esteem. Teamwork.

Celebrating our 29th year, the Winfield Youth Football and Cheer program has provided local youth with a positive, caring environment through athletics from which thousands of boys and girls have benefited.

Nestled into the quiet farmlands of southern Carroll County, in 1989 a small group of men and women created an organization to bring football and cheerleading to the Winfield community surrounding South Carroll High School. What began as 4 to 5 teams of between 12 and 15 players each, has grown today into a program that annually fields football players and cheerleaders spread out among a variety of teams and age levels.

One tenet that has remained constant is the dedication to provide boys and girls with a safe and and positive place to learn about sports, about teamwork and most importantly - about themselves. Above all, the parents and children that have been the backbone of our program through the years have helped to create a real sense of community in and around Mayeski Park, home of the Winfield Cavaliers. The alumni of Winfield Youth Football and Cheer have gone on to excel at the high school and college level, not only in sports but more importantly in life.

WYFCP Mission Statement
The Winfield Youth Football & Cheerleading Program is an organization that has as its sole purpose, the growth of the youth within our community, through organized Football and Cheerleading activities.

WYFCP provides a wholesome environment for athletic competition that will instill in our youth the challenge of competition, the joy of victory, the reality of defeat, the value of Sportsmanship, the importance of commitment and the spirit of community.
WYFCP recognizes the importance of allowing our youth the opportunity to have fun while learning the skills of a sport, Football and Cheerleading in particular.

These goals will be achieved through our efforts to organize and garner the support of community volunteers, and local businesses working with this non-profit organization in support of our goals.