Membership in Carroll County Youth Football and Cheer League

In 2015 the Winfield Cavaliers and 7 other programs came together to form the Carroll County Youth Football and Cheer League. After a successful first season capped off by the D1 Super Bowls being held at Mayeski Park, the CCFL looks to the future. All 8 programs came back in 2016 plus the addition of 3 new programs for a total of 11. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

Age Groups and Weight Limits

We welcome any player who is between the ages of 5 and 14 as of August 1st each year. We have seven different age levels of tackle football ranging and also offer flag football for those 8 years of age and under. The tackle levels are as follows:

  • 5-6 yrs old are Pitbulls/Instructional
  • 6-8 yrs old play 8U and must weigh 90lbs or less*
  • 7-9 yrs old play 9U and must weigh 105lbs or less*
  • 8-10 yrs old play 10U and must weigh 115lbs or less*
  • 9-11 yrs old play 11U and must weigh 130lbs or less*
  • 10-12 yrs old play 12U and must weigh 145lbs or less*
  • 11-13 yrs old play 13U and must weigh 165lbs or less*

CCYFCL 2017 Weight Chart

* As part of the CCYFCL, each team is allowed 3 players who qualify as 'Older but Lighter' (OBL), which is to say they are older than the current age level but significantly lighter in weight. We allow for those players to play down a level in the interest of player safety.

* The CCYFCL also offers 'Red Stripe' weight limits for players who are bigger so that they can still play with kids their own age. 'Red Stripes' are limited in what positions they can play and are not allowed to run/advance the ball.

Practices and Games

Practices usually begin during the last week in July, with player evaluations. Prior to the start of school, practices run 4 days a week, from 6pm-8pm in the evening and/or on Saturdays. All practices are held at Mayeski Park on the fields surrounding our game field. Once school begins, we are allowed to practice no more than 6 hours per week, and practices reduce down to only 2 nights per week with a few teams holding walk throughs on Friday nights. Practices will still begin at 6pm.

For the youngest players on the Instructional team, the practice times are at the discretion of the Coaches as they guage how well the 5 and 6 year olds are paying attention and handling the long days!

When the season begins (usually about the same weekend as the first week of school), games are played on Friday nights and Saturdays through the beginning of November. Any team that qualifies for the playoffs should expect to play through the end of November.

The Cavaliers are fortunate to have lights on our field, so we usually have at least one game for each age level scheduled for a Friday night. Keep in mind, the schedules are determined by the CCFL, and not Winfield.

Game times can vary from week to week, and can be as early as 8:30am and as late as 9pm.


Football Coaches